The DeGroote Marketing Association (DMA) is acclaimed as one of the most connected societies within the Faculty of Commerce at McMaster University. The Association has had a decade of success running innovative competitions, conferences and events which create fantastic student experiences. 

Navjit Dhillon - Co-President

Navjit is a third year Commerce student specializing in Marketing and Sales. Nav's goal is to ensure that the DMA is developing member's skill sets and enrichening their learning journeys through offerring valuable experiences. Aside from academics, Nav is a die-hard Raptor fan and you can find him in DSB arguing that he has the best fantasy team out of all of his friends.

Erika De Villa - Co-President

Erika is a third year Commerce student specializing in Marketing. Her goal is to ensure that DMA members are able to learn all aspects of marketing that aren't offered in class lectures. Aside from academic and working at different part-time jobs, Erika loves to sketch during her free time and travel when her bank account allows it. She is excited as there is an opportunity for her to learn abroad in Singapore during the upcoming term.

Charlene Acuna - Chief Operations Officer

Charlene is a third year commerce student specializing in Marketing and Information Systems, while pursuing the BTM certficate. Charlene's goal is to provide events for students and ensure that they are able to develop their knowledge and skills for the future. Aside from being in class and working at The Underground, Charlene is either taking dance classes or performing at various events around the GTA.

Kathy Hoang - Creative Director

Kathy is a third year commerce student specializating in Marketing and Finance with a minor in Economics. She aspires to enrich the learning and skills of members by assisting in the designs of the promotional activities at DMA. When she is not in school, you can find her dabbling away with her creative mind at Lyons New Media Centre or sketching away a new concept or idea.

Sabrina Santos - Chief Marketing Officer

Sabrina is a 3rd year Health Science student minoring in business. Through working for DMA, her goal for the year is give students marketing and networking opportunities and allowing student to explore their interests through fun events. After a week of classes at McMaster, she is either doing research at a pharmacy in Toronto or writing for a mental health blog.

Victoria Merchant - Chief Financial Officer

Victoria is a fourth year Honours Commerce student specializing in finance. Her goal is to ensure that the DMA is financially secure and able to sucessfully fund all events hosted during the school year. She has previously worked as a Credit Risk Analyst at Wells Fargo and a Pricing Strategy Analyst at PepsiCo. She is also the current Vice President of the McMaster Consulting Association. When not on campus, she enjoys portraiture, reading, and can be found trying out new restaurants with friends or wandering through coffee shops.

Ryan Zou - Chief Information Officer

Ryan is a third year commerce student intending to specialize in Finance with a minor in Economics. His goal is to provide students with engaging learning opportunities and help them break into the marketing industry. Apart from school, Ryan is also passionate about basketball and travelling having spent part of his summer in Poland and Austria. His travel aspirations continue to grow as he hopes to check Iceland, Denmark, and Japan off next on his bucket list.

Christine Lianora - Social Media Director

christine set
Christine is a third year commerce student specializing in finance, minoring in economics, and looking for ample opportunities to advance in all streams within business. She loves realism sketches, as well as creating anything aesthetic, and aligns this interest with her responsibilities as the Social Media Director. She is eager to learn, gain experience, and develop transferable skills for future business and personal endeavours. When she’s not studying at DSB, she's probably working out or practicing her drawing skills.

Diana Atri - Co-Chair

Diana is a a second year Commerce student specializing in Marketing. Her goal is to allow students to learn beyond the classroom and develop the necessary skills to succeed in the future.

Sarah Aziz - Co-Chair

Sarah is a second year Commerce student aiming to specialize in Markerting and Sales with a minor in Political Science. Her goal is to provide students with valuable opportunies to learn about the feild of Marketing and grow into professionals. Sarah loves to get involved both in and outside of the school environment through different community initiatives, and working part-time jobs. On her spare time, Sarah loves to try out new restarants to review on her personal food blog, read books, and walk dogs.

Josh Morgan - Web Intern

Josh is a 3rd year commerce student looking to specialize in Marketing and Information Systems with a double minor in Economics and French. His goal for the year is to reach as many students who share his passion for marketing as possible, and allow them the opportunity to grow their knowledge of the industry. Josh is also the Vice President of Marketing with the Degroote Information Systems Association and when he's not in the gym, you can catch him at McMaster BJJ or playing intramural ice-hockey.

Simran Saini - Media Producer


Simran is a second year Commerce student majoring in finance with a minor in Economics. Her passion for photography and filming will allow DMA to have ample content and creative input. Her goal is to capture moments of every DMA event and meetings. Simran loves to showcase her skills in photography whilst travelling and exploring new places. Aside from travelling and photography, she enjoys running and hiking whenever she has the time or opportunitiy. As the Media Producer for the 2018 team, Simran is excited to connect with all the students at DMA and provide them with opportunities to showcase their skills in Marketing.

Michael Mehreteab - External Relations Officer

Michael is a third year Commerce student specializng in Marketing. He enjoys marketing for the creativity and team work it allows as well as its function in everyday life. His goal with the DMA is to align it with other organziations that share the values and work with them to expand the DMA network. Michael enjoys photography and diving into new music.

Nick Legati - External Relations Officer

Nick is currently a second year Commerce Student specializing in Marketing with a minor in innnovation. He enjoys networking with fellow professionals and mentoring younger commerce students looking to get involved in the professional indsutry. His goal is to expose companies to the value of patnerships and develop future relationships for funding purposes. Nick is a provincial winner of the MLSE case competition and enjoys discussing current events and the Toronto Maple Leafs

Kiyan Nathoo - External Relations Officer


Kiyan is a second year student aiming to specialize in Marketing and Finance. HIs goal is to develop his intellectual and soft skills along with all members of the DMA through becoming involved in participating and planning DMA initiatives. Kiyan is a very passionate music head that enjoys collecting vinyl as well as constantly expanding his library. It is never a bad time to ask him for any music reccomendation. Throughout the summer Kiyan worked with an international pet food manufacturing company in the accounting sector and had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Account payable and recievable. Kiyan is excited for what he can make of himself throught the endless number of opportunities that will present themselves within his 4 years here at McMaster.

Raza Ahmed - Content Lead


Raza is a second year Commerce student striving to specialize in Marketing and Sales. His goal for the year is to help as many aspiring individuals learn more about the marketing industry and increase the likelihood of them making breakthroughs in the field, making lasting relationships and connections along the way. In his spare time, Raza loves to watch/play soccer and basketball, as well as play a bit of FIFA.

Hrithik Sharma - Event Planning Intern

Hrithik is a first year student studying in Integrated Business and Humanities from Toronto, ON. Hrithik is hoping to grow as much as he can through his co curricular involvement and especially loves being a part of the DMA. His goal to his help his team reach new heights by working together to elevate each other and the DMA in every way possible. Hrithik is big into group bonding, he enjoys trying new things and making memories with everyone around him. He's up for anything especially a solid game of basketball or a late night game of crabs in McKay hall. If you can't find Hrithik, he's probably busy whipping and skrrting in the streets of Hamilton while listening anything from Post Malone and Drake to the soundtrack of Camp Rock 2. He's hoping to make his experience at McMaster as great as possible and would like to meet/get to know everyone he can! Find him and say hi!

Celine Do - Operations Intern

Celine is a first year student studying Integrated Business and Humanities, and aspires to manage her own Non-Profit Organization focused on international development. With regards to DMA, she hopes to assist with the logistical side of events and ensure students enjoy their time while learning invaluable life skills. Celine’s biggest passion is travel and service; she has been a youth ambassador in Miami, and the Arctic regions (Nunavut and Greenland). Her next goal is to venture to Thailand this summer to teach English, and then work for the City of Toronto, where she is an enthusiastic Camp Counsellor.
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